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1. Put the lace front wig on and make sure wig is aligned correctly on both sides of ear tabs. Outline the shape of hairline with chalk.
2. Clean your hair thoroughly and apply Vivica Fox hair lone skin protector.
3. Start applying glue or clear two-way tape (specially designed for lace front wigs) on the lace area of the forehead from ear to ear. Wait 2-5 minutes until the glue becomes tacky.
-For glue, follow manufacturers’ direction for drying time.
-For tape, recommended to put 1” on each ear side and 3 1/2”(contoured) on the center of the forehead but apply as much as possible for a secure fit.
-Please do not put glue or tape too close to forehead hairline. It may damage your own hair.
4. While waiting for the glue to become tacky, cut the lace along the chalk line. Normally, leave about 1/4-1/2” lace.
5. Put the wig back on. Make sure wig is aligned properly then press down lace part onto the glue area. Use Vivica Fox touch up the bond if needed.
6. Wait 5-10 minutes until the glue is completely dry. Apply some makeup such as facial foundation onto the front area of a natural look.


1. Apply remover to the lace part and gently remove the lace part.
2. Use enough remover for an efficient removal.
-Follow manufacturers’ direction for removal.
3. Cleanse face as normal. Wash the wig as directed.

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